The Vibration of Success

by Cheryl Vallejos, CPBA, CPVA

Most people, when they think of success, generally envision setting a goal and doing certain activities to achieve that goal. In other words, a series of external actions that will lead them to success. However, success does not always result directly from performing certain actions, and when it doesn't, we may be puzzled as to why we didn't achieve the goal. Did we do something wrong? Should we have taken different actions? Was the goal too far fetched?

The truth is that success is first an inside job before it can be a result on the outside. For optimum success, therefore, we need to take on the Vibration of Success. What does that mean? Vibration is energy, and the energy you hold in your thoughts and feelings on the inside attracts to you like results on the outside. If you hold an inner vibration of lack and loss, you'll attract lack and loss in your physical world. Therefore, if you raise up your vibrational energy to one of abundance and success, you'll attract that in your life-in all areas.

Science has shown everything is energy, including the material world. Your inner thoughts, self-talk, feelings, and overall attitude create an energy that acts as a magnet to bring into your life material results that match the energy of your inner world. So it is crucial that you become aware of your internal energy field. What are you saying to yourself? Is your mind organized or un-focused? Are you clear about your goals or are you doubtful? Do you know why you want what you want or have you taken on other people's desires as your own?

You've heard the expression: Be careful what you wish for-you may just get it! Well that shouldn't be a warning, but a promise. For if you hold high vibrations of what you truly want, and stay clear, positive, and focused in your thoughts, self-talk, and feelings-you just may get what you want. The Vibration of Success will attract to you all the success you want.

Cheryl Vallejos is a certified in Law of Attraction practitioner who imparts her wisdom on attracting happiness, success and prosperity - mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Cheryl is author of "Injecting the Juice into Leadership" and "Time on Your Side" is a professional business coach and consultant with over 22 years experience in business leadership. She works with professionals who are ready to attract more success, happiness and abundance in their life as they combine The Law of Attraction with business building techniques. Click here to sign up for the FREE electronic book,"Using the Law of Attraction for Personal and Professional Success" or contact her for more information:

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