Surround Yourself with Support

by Cheryl Vallejos, CPBA, CPVA

Whoever said, "It's lonely at the top," was probably not a team player. Whether you're at the top of the company you work for or the head of your own company, it's only lonely if you isolate yourself and feel you have to "do it all by yourself." Truthfully, few people actually succeed on their own. They have a team of people either working by their side or in the background.

Who's On Your Team?
In a traditional company, you have supervisors, employees, assistants, trainees, etc. On your own, you may have employees or contractors, and even if you work alone, how about your accountant, banker, and lawyer-they're all part of your team.

Additionally, everyone has family, friends, clergy, business associates, or partners who are part of their support network. And even if you find these people missing from your life or not able to provide the support you need, you can always count on coaches, counselors, therapists and the like to offer whatever personal or professional assistance you may need to overcome obstacles, get back on course, or brainstorm new directions.

How Do You Find Supporters?
Do you need someone to bounce ideas off, help you make decisions, supply you with some missing piece of wisdom, cheer you on, celebrate your successes, or hold your hand??? If you are an executive or leader in your company you may not be able to go to your superior for help with making decisions, or dealing with employee issues. In that situation, a colleague at your same level working for another company may be available to support you. If you network in your industry or similar ones, you can build up a support network you can call on when you need guidance. Similarly, an entrepreneur should be networking with other business owners through local organizations like Chambers of Commerce, leads groups, or trade associations. These groups are not just for finding business leads, but for building relationships with others like yourself who you can trade referrals with, but also call on for support. Forming your own support group, networking group, or Master Mind group will assure that you always have a strong support network.

How Do You Utilize Support?
Always ask for support when you need it. Everyone needs others to contribute to their success, so don't ever feel there's something wrong with asking for help. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield wrote a whole book about asking called "The Alladin Factor." When you ask, be clear about what you want and be open to listening. If you don't agree with the advice or suggestions, say "thank you" anyway and ask someone else. Then take the ideas and use what works for you. Always give recognition and appreciation for those who've helped you along the way. Keep a stack of thank you cards, or send e-greeting cards. If you want to keep your support network strong, show gratitude, give back, and be available when someone on your team asks you for help.

All leaders whether self-employed or part of a company should have a mentor or coach on their team. If you would like a coach with over 22 years in business management who will encourage, enlighten, and appreciate you, contact or call (520) 730-4456.

Cheryl Vallejos is a certified in Law of Attraction practitioner who imparts her wisdom on attracting happiness, success and prosperity - mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Cheryl is author of "Injecting the Juice into Leadership" and "Time on Your Side" is a professional business coach and consultant with over 22 years experience in business leadership. She works with professionals who are ready to attract more success, happiness and abundance in their life as they combine The Law of Attraction with business building techniques. Click here to sign up for the FREE electronic book,"Using the Law of Attraction for Personal and Professional Success" or contact her for more information:

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