Local Coach Appointed to Teach Law of Attraction

TUCSON-Cheryl Vallejos, business and personal life coach, was recently

appointed to the faculty of the Law of Attraction Training Center. As the only Law of Attraction practitioner in Arizona, Vallejos will be teaching the Law of Attraction to students all over the world. The Law of Attraction, which has recently become popularized in the widely viewed movie, The Secret, shows people that what they think, feel and act upon create a magnetic attraction to draw to them closer to what they desire. Successful use of this law will bring greater peace and prosperity to those who learn to master its use.

The Secret was recently featured on two episodes of the "Oprah Winfrey Show"
and three episodes of "Larry King Live," and many other broadcasts. For more information on the training center, individual coaching, or how to get a copy of The Secret, or for more information, call (520) 730-4456.

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