8 Proven Ways for Getting a Ton of Referrals
Are You Ready to Build Your Business?
8 Proven Ways to Get a Ton of Referrals!

by Cheryl Vallejos, CPBA, CPVA

Do you find it hard to ask for referrals?

I know I do! Your heart starts racing, you stumble for words, and sometimes you break out in a sweat just thinking of asking for a referral. But the secret to getting referrals without having to ask is to develop a system that does the asking for you.

8 Strategies to Get Referrals

  1. Get referrals #1
    Think in reverse. Instead of asking for one, earn one. If you're not getting referrals, maybe you're not providing the service your customers want and you are not as good as YOU think. Ask your customers what you can do to better to serve THEIR needs. When your customers are satisfied, it'll be easy to get referrals.

  2. Get referrals #2
    Give a referral. If you change your way of thinking from How do I get a referral to 'how can I give a referral', the rewards will be surprising. Think of someone you can refer to your clients. This is the giver's gain philosophy

  3. Get referrals #3
    Make a list of people or businesses that sell products that are complimentary to yours. If you sell health insurance, your list might include health clubs, running clubs, basketball teams or physicians. Now create a referral program that pays referral fees for people who are sent to you by your referral partners. Put a tracking mechanism in place to monitor this and make this process effective and rewarding.

  4. Get referrals #4
    Ask indirectly. One of the best ways to ask for a referral without being obvious is to ask indirectly. You might say something like: "Mrs. Smith, my product (or service) is everything I say it is and more, and I have the reputation and experience that proves it. Is there someone you know who would benefit from my product (or service)?"

  5. Get referrals #5
    Research Local churches in your area. Many are always looking for innovative ways to raise money to sustain the programs they offer to their members. Most churches would be enthusiastic about the opportunity to receive a donation from you or your business. Simply call up the person in charge and ask if you can meet with him or her to talk about a potential fundraising activity. As above with the charity example, propose that for every referral they send your way, you will donate a percentage of the sales to the church. In return, the church should agree to promote your business. This same referral process can be done with the booster clubs of local sports teams, Girl Scout troops and other organizations looking to raise money.

  6. Get referrals #6
    Contact your business associates. Most everyone has a barber or hairstylist they use on a frequent basis, especially if they have children (I don't know about you, but my beautician always engages me in conversation during my haircut!). Most beauticians and barbers are delighted when you give them a tip. Now you can visualize…where I'm going with this?
    Why not approach the local barbers and hairstylists and offer them $1 or $2 for every referral card they pass out to their customers? You might even motivate them to talk up your business by promising them a percentage of each sale that results from their referral.

  7. Get referrals #7
    Develop Good Will. The last referral system will not only bring you referrals, but will also create a lot of goodwill. I learned this tactic, strangely enough, by Princess Diana and a local real estate agent. When Princess Diana died, a close associate of hers was interviewed and revealed that Diana always carried a set of "royal" thank you notes.
    Every time she met with someone, she would remember their name, and as soon as she got in her car, she would write a short thank you note to them. People cherished the thank you notes they received from the Princess. After hearing that, I started to carry around my own box of thank you notes.

  8. Get referrals #8
    Approach charities in your local area and ask for a list of donors. For example, most United Way donors make advanced pledges or set goals to give a specified amount to the United Way. Approach the executive sponsor of the United Way donation drive and propose that for every referral that's sent from their organization to your business, you will take a percentage of your sale and donate it to the United Way (or whatever charity they are affiliated with) in their name.
Sometimes it's not enough to just send a thank you note, people need to know that you want and appreciate a referral. Don't forget to show the appreciation, send thank you notes, make calls, and let people know you want and appreciate all referrals.

Cheryl Vallejos is a certified in Law of Attraction practitioner who imparts her wisdom on attracting happiness, success and prosperity - mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Cheryl is author of "Injecting the Juice into Leadership" and "Time on Your Side" is a professional business coach and consultant with over 22 years experience in business leadership. She works with professionals who are ready to attract more success, happiness and abundance in their life as they combine The Law of Attraction with business building techniques. Click here to sign up for the FREE electronic book,"Using the Law of Attraction for Personal and Professional Success" or contact her for more information:

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