Setting Goals and Getting Results
Setting Your Goals and Achieving Results (Approx. 50 min.)
Learn the 5 essential tools you need to achieve the results you want. You'll end up with a plan to assist you in making better decisions on achieving your goals with less effort. Combine Goal Setting with The Law of Attraction to find the results significantly better and more fun along the way.

Listen: Setting Goals and Getting Results

Achieve Radio Broadcast
"The Power of Positive Thinking"
Starring Barbara South and guest Cheryl Vallejos
An upbeat look at the strange and beautiful world we share:
Discover ways to attract more of what you want into your life by listening to this radio broadcast.
For more great live events, go to:

Listen: Achieve Radio Broadcast

How to Enjoy Fearless Speaking and Grow Your Business
Guest: Dianne Legro
Would you like to experience success and ease speaking in public? The number one way to grow your business, your influence, and to get new clients is by speaking in public about your business or service.

Listen: How to Enjoy Fearless Speaking and Grow Your Business

Getting the Best Bang for Your Marketing Dollars
Guest: Karen van Warmerdam
There are a number of options in addressing the marketing return on investment of any company. Discover ways to take the guess work out of it. Listen for more information on maximizing your marketing dollars.

Listen: Getting the Best Bang for Your Marketing Dollars

Where and How to Find New Prospects
Are you stumped about where to start your marketing activities? Discover what you can do to know where your next prospects are and how to market to them.

Listen: Where and How to Find New Prospects

Getting Out of Overwhelm - Part 1
Listen and follow along in a webinar!
Discover how getting organized can relieve the stress and overwhelm in your life. Getting rid of the stress allows you to be more productive and efficient.
Listen now to see how you can kick the overwhelm out of your life!

Listen: Getting Out of Overwhelm - Part 1

8 Ways to Ask For Business
Ever feel tongue-tied about what to say next to your prospects? Learn the 8 no-pressure ways to give your people the opportunity to buy from you.

Listen now to discover how to 'ask' and 'close' more sales. (53 minutes)

Listen: 8 Ways to Ask For Business

Having Time on Your Side
Take control of your day before it controls you
Do you have more on your task list than you have time to get done? Manage your day to get more done in less time, which results in more success. Discover the 5 strategies that will help you take control of your day and your time.

Listen: Having Time on Your Side

Make That Follow up Call! How to Overcome Call Reluctance
Break through the obstacles to make those follow-up calls to build your business. Avoid procrastinate. Learn how to make prospecting follow-up calls, cold calls, or warm calls easier to do. Increase your success when opportunity knocks!

Listen: Make That Follow up Call!

Communicating to Maximize Results
Effective communication is no more a natural skill than leadership is a born trait. Very few powerful communicators just opened their mouth and let the words naturally flow out. Good leaders are good communicators. Listen to this tele-seminar to learn more about how to maximize your communication skills.

Listen: Communicating to Maximize Results

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